Meet the Teachers! 

Meet your Math Teachers

Starting in the back from left to right:

Sharon Kelly, Amber Marinovich, Stacy Averett, Keely Smith, Melanie Thrash, Shaunna Watson, Michelle Meitzler, and Tasha Morris.

Meet your ELA Teachers 

From left to right:

Candice Pierce, Sydney Colletta, Lena Kinder, Shelby Spiers, Christine Spiers, Neleigh Westbrook, Mandy McDaniel, and Joe Goss

From left to right

Erin Seal, Lauren Lossett, Heather Thompson, David Cunningham, Priscilla Flanagan (Not Pictured Elizabeth Zeringue)

From Left to Right:

Thomas Greder, Cathy Roy, Casey Kinchen, and Brandy Gill (Not pictured David Cunningham and Gabby Guillot)

Meet your Inclusion Support Teachers & Tier Interventionist

Starting from left to right:

Abby Montgomery, Doti Prince, Jean Massey, Diane Massaro, Tara Slade, Kaitlyn Orgeron, Jessica Clabaugh, Lisa Johnson, Hallie Davis, Feather Hayes, Kourtney Stover, Tammy Hawthorne, Cassie Miller (Not pictured Karen Boutwell)

From left to right:

Pam Sumrall, Conshae McCrory, Brandi Kelly, Marie Floyd, Sadie Penton, Kelsey Carroll, Cammie Ramsay, Ashley Graeter, Debra Jarrell, Tonya Ramsay, and Colby Hawthorne.  (Randy Brown not pictured)