Virtual Learning


  • Bellwork must be provided to the student at minimum 24 hours prior to the start time of each class period. If a student has not completed the Bellwork assignment by 5 minutes following the start of class, the student will be counted absent for that class period.

  • Parents may send parent notes or doctors notes for an excused absence.

  • Assignments/Assessments may be made up per our make-up policy. However, Attendance can not be made up.


  • A mixture of whole group live lessons, recorded lessons and small group lessons / check ins and support will be provided throughout the week.

  • Lessons will follow the pacing of our traditional classes.

  • Schedule, Structure and Consistency will be key to the success of our students!

  • Student support and parent support will be critical! Technical support, instructional support and strategies will be important to bridge the gap that these students face. It will be important for us to be flexible and creative with providing regularly scheduled virtual parent support meetings.

  • Please provide a quiet area in your home where your child can focus, study and complete lessons.

  • Please make sure that your child knows who to contact in the home for support for logging on and troubleshooting google classroom daily.


  • I-Ready Diagnostic: Will be taken on campus at scheduled times

  • Unit Tests: All Virtual Assessments will open at 1:00pm and will close on the same day at 11:59pm.

  • Common Assessments: All Common Assessments will be given on campus at a scheduled time.

  • State Test: All State Assessments will be given on campus at a scheduled time.

Office Hours

  • Teachers will be available for office hours one day a week during their scheduled Virtual Learning Period. Teachers will provide you with an additional block of time weekly for parent support.


  • All PRCMS grading policies will still be in effect for Virtual Students.