At Pearl River Central Middle School We Show Pride, Respect and Commitment in ALL we do! TRUE BLUE students show PRIDE in our school by helping to keep our school clean and making safe choices.  They how RESPECT by being kind to all and keeping hands and feet to self.  They show COMMITMENT by being on time, prepared to learn and attending school every day.


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Points are earned as students demonstrate school wide expectations through grades, attendance, and behavior.

HOW It Works:

At random times students may be treated to a PBIS point(s). Students may use their points for small incentives or bank them for larger incentives such as events.  Students may use points for classroom incentives such as free homework pass, free time, extra points on a test/quiz, class notes copied for them, etc...  Classroom incentives are different by classroom as each teacher decides the incentives to be honored in that classroom.

Larger incentives include Fall Bash , Sock Hop, and Field Days...........
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