*This calendar is tentative.  Some dates may be added as opportunities are offered to the group.  Notification will be given to students and parents prior to the event.

 August 9 Booster Meeting 
 September 5 Labor Day Holiday 
 September 6 Booster Meeting 
 September 24 Choreography  9-4
 *October: After school rehearsal begins for all groups Tuesdays and Thursdays
 October 4 Booster Meeting 
 October 10 Fall Break 
 October 15 Choreography  9-4
 October 22 Choreography  9-4
 November 1     Booster Meeting 
 December 12 After school rehearsal (extra rehearsal for Christmas Concert) 
 December 13 Christmas Concert (location TBA) 
 December 15 Christmas Party (during class) 
 December 19-30  January 5 Christmas Break 
 January 10 Booster Meeting 
 January 23 & 24 Dress Rehearsal for Competition 
 January 27 South Jones Invitational 
 February 3 PRCC Competition 
 February 7 Booster Meeting 
 February 10  Purvis Show Choir Invitational 
 February 17 West Jones Show Choir Invitational 
 February 24     Petal Show Choir Invitational 
 February 27-28
March 1 
 Mardi Gras Holiday 
 March 7 Booster Meeting 
 March 17-24  Spring Break 
April 4  Booster Meeting 

* April will hold the spring show, all-state, and auditions.