PRCMS Coaching & Fine Arts Staff

Kelcy Becnel - MS/HS Band
Clifford Bauer - MS Girls' Basketball
Shad Kennedy - MS Boys' Basketball
Kelsey Carroll and Rayford Lee - MS Softball
Cayne Stockstill and Melvin Gonzalez - MS Baseball
Cayne Stockstill, Randy Brown, Travis Kennedy, Gabe Peterson, Neil Walther and Billy Davis - MS Football
Leslie Espy - MS Cheer
Lauren Lossett - MS Dance
Shelly Dill and Beverley Griffing - MS/HS Swim
Seth McRaney - MS/HS Cross-Country
Rory Bell - MS/HS Boys Track-Field
Marty Lee - MS/HS Girls Track-FieldĀ 
Lindy Spiers - MS/HS Girls' Soccer
Joe Weems - MS/HS Boys' Soccer

Chris Teal - MS Athletic Director